Cycle Against Cancer Fundraiser

The Cycle Against Cancer is an indoor cycling ('spinning') fundraiser organized by the Connecticut Cancer Foundation, whose mission is to financially assist cancer patients and their families, and to fund cancer research.

The Cycle Against Cancer will take place at Core Club on June 9th, 2018 8-12pm.

To participate, we ask people to form teams and fund raise at least $1,000. To accomplish this goal, you can recruit up to eight people to join your team. You can have friends, family, co-workers, and local businesses donate to your team fundraising effort, whether they wish to cycle or not!

For each $1000 each team raises, that team will be assigned one bike for four hours. If your team raises $2,000, your team will be assigned two bikes, if your team raises $3,000, your team will be assigned three bikes and so on. Each team can divide their time allotment among its team-mates. Solo riders are welcome to ride for the full four hours.

During the bike rotation, team-mates may help themselves to available refreshments or explore other offering such as ZUMBA, LESMILLS BODY PUMP and S.T.R.O.N.G 

Get excited to cheer on your team as they strive to reach their goal!

Meet Our May Member of the Month

I have never been a guy who goes to the gym to workout.  I have just been active in my regular life to keep myself in good enough shape.  Well, as time passed (and I got older), that "good enough" shape isn't really good enough anymore.  I needed something, that trigger, to get me back working toward the physical condition that I could be happy with.  Rachel, my wife, has been a long time member of Core Club, and talked to me about the 30 Day Challenge.  I looked into it and decided to join.  The past 30 days have been amazing!  This was the kick-start that I needed.  The support and encouragement from everyone at Core, especially Deb, Nicky, John and Janice, was been exactly what I needed to turn that corner and start to get back to where I want to be physically, and mentally as well.  I tried BODYPUMP and loved it! (thanks to Janice) I fought my way through a TRX class and was amazed at the challenge.  I took the BALListic class and could not believe how much you can sweat beating a ball with drum sticks (don't knock it till you try it)!  STRONG took the last of my energy on a Friday night, and was fantastic!  Then I tried RPM, I'm a biker, I thought spinning, right up my ally.  Emily kicked my butt!  I could not, and would not have started this journey without (of course the support of my wife) and the encouragement and support from everyone at Core!

Please Welcome Newest Members of the Core Team

Newest Members of the Core Team

Diane Sartor, Front Desk Manager

She will assist in all customer relations and will be here to greet you with a warm smiling face!



Jon Gajewski, Certified Personal Trainer

He is eager and ready to guide you on your fitness journey, helping you achieve your goals!

Celebrating 7 Years in Business

Celebrating 7 Years in Business!

We want to thank all members and staff for their support and loyalty to Core Club & 24/7 Gym

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