Meet our March Member of the Month!

Ryan Tapp –

Core club has helped me in so many ways.  A little more than 10 years ago I was in a horrific accident, and they didn’t think I was going to make it the night.  I had severe traumatic brain injury amongst other things and was in a coma.  3 weeks later I woke up and had to relearn how to live again.  Everything from tying my shoes to holding my head up.  After months of therapy I was finally released and was able to go back to work with my Marine Corps infantry division.  I stayed in for a couple more months until they finally medically discharged me because of how severe the brain injury was.

Today Core Club allows me to stay in shape and keeps this injury from ever getting the best of me.  I love the set up here and the vast supply of free weights.  It has everything I need to handle the routines I follow.

Core Club is a daily therapy after a long day of plumbing and pipe fitting with the Union.  I am always able to get my stress out here.  “Bring a Friend on Saturday” allows my wife and I to work out together, always pushing ourselves. This place has been a home away from home, and I enjoy spending most of the week here.

Meet Our February Member of the Month!

Dylan Sartor -

The moment I set foot in Core Club three years ago, I got the sense that a new chapter in my life had just begun. It was here that I made a couple important realizations that have been applicable to all areas of my life…

The first idea is that discipline and will power are individual pursuits that cannot be taught from a teacher to a student. In other words, only you have the power to make changes in your lifestyle. In order to reap your desired rewards in the gym and in life, you must develop a mental strength that helps you adhere to your plans. Over time, the consistency and dedication you have shown will repay you tenfold. Because I have focused on holding myself accountable in the gym, that skill of discipline has transferred over to other areas of my life, which as made me much more productive throughout the day.

The second idea is that regardless of what others may do or say, your path in life is you to create. By maintaining your character, passions and moral code at all times, you remain true to yourself and have an easier time resisting conformity. In all walks of life, peer pressure will attempt to influence your decisions. It’s important to realize that the way you respond to these attempts is entirely in your control. In my life, I do my best to surround myself with positive, likeminded people that share similar passions and interests. And, when I find that others live differently and make different choices, I fid it best to respect their way of life (although I don’t imitate it).

Core Club has become a second home to me for the sense of community and family that I get from it. This feeling goes beyond just working out because this positive environment breeds a sense e of belonging for me. I feel grounded when it comes to my life choices and interests due to the skills, I have developed at Core Club and I could not be more thankful for the opportunity to be my true self. I am thrilled to be the Member of the Month for February and I’m wishing everyone health ad happiness in the new decade!

Meet Our November Member of the Month!

Tina Neely -

I’ve always enjoyed group fitness classes since I began taking them. I experienced my first Les Mills class nine years ago and was immediately hooked. What I would never have imagined at that time though was that four years later, I would get certified to teach BODYPUMP and lead others in fitness classes.

Over the past five years, I’ve also gotten certified in other Les Mills formats and indoor cycling. I love to travel and experience various training opportunities. Along my instructor journey, just over a year ago, I met Deb. I recall sharing with her that I would like to setup the benches for members before launches. When Deb responded that she already does that and not just for launches, I knew Core Club was a place that I would like to teach. It has a very caring atmosphere with a literally open-door policy.

I love helping members kick off the weekend with a Friday morning BODYPUMP/CXWORX class. I strive to offer participants an optimal balance between working hard and having fun. I believe that if you enjoy your workout, then you’ll look forward to it and will be consistent and thus see great results. It’s very rewarding getting to know members at Core Club and us being a part of each other’s fitness journeys.

Hip Hop with Alex Woznyk at Core!

Meet Our October Member of the Month!

Rose Thrall -

I have been a Core Club on and off for years. I decided to return wanting to add exercise to my weight loss, health and fitness journey. From the time I walked through the doors and saw Deb’s great smile, to personal training with Robin, it has been an overwhelming motivational experience. The entire Core Club team and its members urge each other never to give up or quit. As a member, you become part of a very devoted community spirit. The instructors support your hard work and explain how to perfect your form, making workouts more effective. Sticking to a regular exercise routine is difficult, Deb and her team have a passion for fitness and create a community where you could connect in a positive way to reach your goals. This gym is perfect, offering many varieties of exercise choices. Keep up the hard work, don’t lose sight of your goals!

Meet Our September Member of the Month!

Jesse Warren -

When I returned to my hometown after five years studying and living in New York, one of my top priorities was finding a new gym. Not only is health and wellness important to me, but my time in the city had earned me my personal training certification in addition to my Bachelor’s Degree. I approached Deb about working for her, and in no time was warmly welcomed into the Core Club community.

In my few short months here, I have had the opportunity to work with some amazing members of the local community, and have also had the chance to hone my skills both as a trainer and, once I obtain my Master’s Degree, as a sports medicine practitioner. In so doing, I have learned more about how best to take care of my own body. Specifically, I have taken the rehabilitation-centric approach I use for my clients and have applied it to myself. As a result, my niggling rotator cuff and lower back pain have evaporated.

I will miss Core Club dearly as I return to New York to complete my education. I look forward to visiting you all again during the winter and summer!

Meet Our August Member of the Month!

Olivia Tawa -

Since my first class back in March of 2012, I knew that Core Club and 24/7 gym was going to be my favorite place to be. In the beginning, I took classes with Janice and Deb until I discovered lifting and how important it is to stay healthy.

By the beginning of my freshman year, I was originally in the gym every day to make myself stronger so I could run faster for my sprints and relays during my track and field season. I also needed to stay strong for my life long hobby of Eventing on horseback. Soon enough, lifting became more of a hobby rather than for training purposes to prepare myself for anything. Since then, I’ve found that going to the gym not only made me physically but also mentally healthier as exercising and lifting allowed me to “blow off some steam” if needed and taught me how to focus and care for myself. Now to this day, I am still training for Eventing and also training for my first semester of Air Force ROTC at college in the fall.

Following my freshman year, I started to work behind the front desk with Deb and Nicky. They taught me everything, from computers to cleaning the entire gym. I soon became very familiar with the entire team of staff here as they all quickly became as close as a family to me. Because of this, I care for the gym as if it were my second home because I want everyone, staff and members, who go to the gym/club to feel “at home”. I view everyone as a part of our big “core family” and I always want to take care of everyone as if they were my family. After being a member for 7 years and working here for 3, I have come to appreciate everyone that I’ve worked with and that I’ve become good friends with. 

Meet Our July Member of the Month!

Sherry Whiles -

I have been coming to the gym at least 4 days a week since I joined a year and half ago. At Core Club I have met a lot of great people who are there for the same reason, and we all cheer each other on.

With this support system, and clean eating, I have lost over 40lbs. I feel stronger, I’m more active, and I look forward to my visit to the gym.

I want to thank Deb, Diane, and the staff at Core Club for running the best gym!

I could not have done it without all of you. 

Thank you for nominating me!!!

Meet Our June Member of the Month!

Lisa Conant -

If you had told me 4 years ago that I would be teaching group fitness, I would have never believed it. I was a runner but joined a gym to work on strength and stability. I was terrified of group classes but finally talked myself into trying BODYPUMP. 3 months later, I trained to become a certified instructor. RPM and CXWORX came a year after that.

A new job, teaching band at Memorial School in Middlefield, brought me back to this area of CT, where I was connected with Core Club's amazing owner, Deb. I immediately loved the sense of community, kindness and drive from members and instructors alike. It has been so fun to make connections between members at Core and students at Memorial.

Twice a week I am at Core Club at 5:30 am with some incredible members who are crazy enough to work out that early! I am so grateful to be a part of this hard working community.

Meet Our May Member of the Month

John Cocco -

On Aug 1 2018, I was about to turn 58 years old, and starting to think about retirement. But on that date, I weighed 257 lbs and couldn’t do a push up. I also had just started to take high blood pressure pills and I assumed that it would just a matter of time before the diabetes kicked in. I won’t waste time explaining how I got into this health situation other than to just say I own the decisions I was making over a 30 year period and this helped along to some extent by plain old ignorance about healthy living. Something had to change. Either I needed to focus more on health in preparation for retirement or probably do some more aggressive estate planning!

I work in Rocky Hill and live in Madison, so it meant that I drove by Core Club 2 times a day, 5 times a week. Thinking deeply about exercise. Yes, I drove by..! I needed to stop driving by! There are actually quite a few gyms on my route but for some reason, Core Club with 24/7 access just seemed to jump out as the right choice for me. It was a very lucky hunch. When finally decided to walk in. Diane welcomed me and helped me link with Jon. I could also see immediately that Deb and the entire team were committed to people in all states of fitness. Even other gym members like Kris and Dylan always provide encouragement. It’s more than a gym, it’s a community. From day 1 it was always clear that Core Club supports a holistic approach that included exercise and making the right food choices. At this point, I think Jon would be upset if I didn’t say that he is a “high aspiration” trainer but at the same time, his approach has been so supportive and downright kind it makes me never want to miss a session!   

Its still a work in progress for me, for sure, but I now weigh in at ~220 lbs, my doctor is telling me I can cut my BP pills in half until I see him next (maybe to reduce further) and Jon timed me today doing 27 push ups in 30 seconds! Next up is the plus 60 year old softball circuit... 84 yr old outfielders better watch out!

So Thank you Core Club for making a huge impact on my life! I am thankful I made the commitment at Core Club! I think there are probably a lot of people like me out there who should stop driving by Core Club and come on in.