Tina Neely –

I’ve always enjoyed group fitness classes since I began taking them. I experienced my first Les Mills class nine years ago and was immediately hooked. What I would never have imagined at that time though was that four years later, I would get certified to teach BODYPUMP and lead others in fitness classes.

Over the past five years, I’ve also gotten certified in other Les Mills formats and indoor cycling. I love to travel and experience various training opportunities. Along my instructor journey, just over a year ago, I met Deb. I recall sharing with her that I would like to setup the benches for members before launches. When Deb responded that she already does that and not just for launches, I knew Core Club was a place that I would like to teach. It has a very caring atmosphere with a literally open-door policy.

I love helping members kick off the weekend with a Friday morning BODYPUMP/CXWORX class. I strive to offer participants an optimal balance between working hard and having fun. I believe that if you enjoy your workout, then you’ll look forward to it and will be consistent and thus see great results. It’s very rewarding getting to know members at Core Club and us being a part of each other’s fitness journeys.