Meet our October Employee of the Month

Janice has been a group fitness instructor/personal trainer here at Core Club since its inception in 2011.  She brings amazing energy and motivation to each member in all the challenging classes she teaches.  Her hard work and dedication to keep her classes trending through the years sets her apart and sets high standards for her clientele. Her love of fitness and a healthy lifestyle shines through with everything she does.  We are blessed to have her!

Let's here what Janice has to say:

"To say Fitness is a Passion would be an understatement: it’s a way of life. How you chose to live your life is important but more importantly is where. I’m fortunate enough to pursue my way of life at the Core Club among dedicated ownership and an even more dedicated clientele. When you have the support you need, the rest falls into place. I’m honored to be chosen as Employee of the month just as I’m honored to be able to teach at the Core Club. Pursue your Passion and more importantly: pursue your way of life."