Meet Our May Member of the Month

By: Core Club LLC

April 25, 2018

I have never been a guy who goes to the gym to workout.  I have just been active in my regular life to keep myself in good enough shape.  Well, as time passed (and I got older), that "good enough" shape isn't really good enough anymore.  I needed something, that trigger, to get me back working toward the physical condition that I could be happy with.  Rachel, my wife, has been a long time member of Core Club, and talked to me about the 30 Day Challenge.  I looked into it and decided to join.  The past 30 days have been amazing!  This was the kick-start that I needed.  The support and encouragement from everyone at Core, especially Deb, Nicky, John and Janice, was been exactly what I needed to turn that corner and start to get back to where I want to be physically, and mentally as well.  I tried BODYPUMP and loved it! (thanks to Janice) I fought my way through a TRX class and was amazed at the challenge.  I took the BALListic class and could not believe how much you can sweat beating a ball with drum sticks (don't knock it till you try it)!  STRONG took the last of my energy on a Friday night, and was fantastic!  Then I tried RPM, I'm a biker, I thought spinning, right up my ally.  Emily kicked my butt!  I could not, and would not have started this journey without (of course the support of my wife) and the encouragement and support from everyone at Core!

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