Meet our March Member of the Month!

By: Core Club LLC

February 27, 2020

Ryan Tapp –

Core club has helped me in so many ways.  A little more than 10 years ago I was in a horrific accident, and they didn’t think I was going to make it the night.  I had severe traumatic brain injury amongst other things and was in a coma.  3 weeks later I woke up and had to relearn how to live again.  Everything from tying my shoes to holding my head up.  After months of therapy I was finally released and was able to go back to work with my Marine Corps infantry division.  I stayed in for a couple more months until they finally medically discharged me because of how severe the brain injury was.

Today Core Club allows me to stay in shape and keeps this injury from ever getting the best of me.  I love the set up here and the vast supply of free weights.  It has everything I need to handle the routines I follow.

Core Club is a daily therapy after a long day of plumbing and pipe fitting with the Union.  I am always able to get my stress out here.  “Bring a Friend on Saturday” allows my wife and I to work out together, always pushing ourselves. This place has been a home away from home, and I enjoy spending most of the week here.

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