Meet Our February Member of the Month!

By: Core Club LLC

January 28, 2020

Dylan Sartor -

The moment I set foot in Core Club three years ago, I got the sense that a new chapter in my life had just begun. It was here that I made a couple important realizations that have been applicable to all areas of my life…

The first idea is that discipline and will power are individual pursuits that cannot be taught from a teacher to a student. In other words, only you have the power to make changes in your lifestyle. In order to reap your desired rewards in the gym and in life, you must develop a mental strength that helps you adhere to your plans. Over time, the consistency and dedication you have shown will repay you tenfold. Because I have focused on holding myself accountable in the gym, that skill of discipline has transferred over to other areas of my life, which as made me much more productive throughout the day.

The second idea is that regardless of what others may do or say, your path in life is you to create. By maintaining your character, passions and moral code at all times, you remain true to yourself and have an easier time resisting conformity. In all walks of life, peer pressure will attempt to influence your decisions. It’s important to realize that the way you respond to these attempts is entirely in your control. In my life, I do my best to surround myself with positive, likeminded people that share similar passions and interests. And, when I find that others live differently and make different choices, I fid it best to respect their way of life (although I don’t imitate it).

Core Club has become a second home to me for the sense of community and family that I get from it. This feeling goes beyond just working out because this positive environment breeds a sense e of belonging for me. I feel grounded when it comes to my life choices and interests due to the skills, I have developed at Core Club and I could not be more thankful for the opportunity to be my true self. I am thrilled to be the Member of the Month for February and I’m wishing everyone health ad happiness in the new decade!

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