Meet Our September Employee of the Month

By: Core Club LLC

August 29, 2018

Natalie Spadaccino -

I have been teaching fitness classes since 1989, so I have been blessed to really grow along with the fitness industry and have had the privilege to teach many different styles.  My certifications include Fitness Yoga, MAT Pilates, Balletone, Spinning, Aerobics and Step, Kickboxing, Stability Ball and many more.  Learning all these different styles when they were just coming out allowed me to teach continually for all these years because there is such wonderful variety, you never get burnt out on one thing.

I have had the honor of teaching at a variety of different facilities and love them all, but the Core Club will always hold a special place in my heart because Durham is where I grew up.  I lived in the same house for 25 years until I married and moved to Middletown.  When I saw this facility open about 6-7 years ago, I was so happy to come and interview for a position and have been here ever since.  I have had the thrill of seeing old friends from Coginchaug H.S. from my graduating class and from my sister’s classes as well.  Catching up with old friends and having them participate in my classes, PRICELESS!!!


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