Meet Our May Member of the Month

By: Core Club LLC

April 19, 2019

John Cocco -

On Aug 1 2018, I was about to turn 58 years old, and starting to think about retirement. But on that date, I weighed 257 lbs and couldn’t do a push up. I also had just started to take high blood pressure pills and I assumed that it would just a matter of time before the diabetes kicked in. I won’t waste time explaining how I got into this health situation other than to just say I own the decisions I was making over a 30 year period and this helped along to some extent by plain old ignorance about healthy living. Something had to change. Either I needed to focus more on health in preparation for retirement or probably do some more aggressive estate planning!

I work in Rocky Hill and live in Madison, so it meant that I drove by Core Club 2 times a day, 5 times a week. Thinking deeply about exercise. Yes, I drove by..! I needed to stop driving by! There are actually quite a few gyms on my route but for some reason, Core Club with 24/7 access just seemed to jump out as the right choice for me. It was a very lucky hunch. When finally decided to walk in. Diane welcomed me and helped me link with Jon. I could also see immediately that Deb and the entire team were committed to people in all states of fitness. Even other gym members like Kris and Dylan always provide encouragement. It’s more than a gym, it’s a community. From day 1 it was always clear that Core Club supports a holistic approach that included exercise and making the right food choices. At this point, I think Jon would be upset if I didn’t say that he is a “high aspiration” trainer but at the same time, his approach has been so supportive and downright kind it makes me never want to miss a session!   

Its still a work in progress for me, for sure, but I now weigh in at ~220 lbs, my doctor is telling me I can cut my BP pills in half until I see him next (maybe to reduce further) and Jon timed me today doing 27 push ups in 30 seconds! Next up is the plus 60 year old softball circuit... 84 yr old outfielders better watch out!

So Thank you Core Club for making a huge impact on my life! I am thankful I made the commitment at Core Club! I think there are probably a lot of people like me out there who should stop driving by Core Club and come on in.

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