Meet Our August Member of the Month!

By: Core Club LLC

July 24, 2019

Olivia Tawa -

Since my first class back in March of 2012, I knew that Core Club and 24/7 gym was going to be my favorite place to be. In the beginning, I took classes with Janice and Deb until I discovered lifting and how important it is to stay healthy.

By the beginning of my freshman year, I was originally in the gym every day to make myself stronger so I could run faster for my sprints and relays during my track and field season. I also needed to stay strong for my life long hobby of Eventing on horseback. Soon enough, lifting became more of a hobby rather than for training purposes to prepare myself for anything. Since then, I’ve found that going to the gym not only made me physically but also mentally healthier as exercising and lifting allowed me to “blow off some steam” if needed and taught me how to focus and care for myself. Now to this day, I am still training for Eventing and also training for my first semester of Air Force ROTC at college in the fall.

Following my freshman year, I started to work behind the front desk with Deb and Nicky. They taught me everything, from computers to cleaning the entire gym. I soon became very familiar with the entire team of staff here as they all quickly became as close as a family to me. Because of this, I care for the gym as if it were my second home because I want everyone, staff and members, who go to the gym/club to feel “at home”. I view everyone as a part of our big “core family” and I always want to take care of everyone as if they were my family. After being a member for 7 years and working here for 3, I have come to appreciate everyone that I’ve worked with and that I’ve become good friends with. 

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