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Core Club 24/7 Gym has so much more to offer than just weights.

  • Group X Classes
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  • Teen Fitness
  • Personal Training
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Core Club & 24/7 Gym was founded in 2011 with a vision to provide health and fitness to everyone in the community.

Meet Our November Member of the Month!

Tina Neely - I’ve always enjoyed group fitness classes since I began taking them. I experienced my first Les Mills class nine years ago and was immediately hooked. What I would never have imagined at that time though was that four years later, I would get certified to...

Meet Our October Member of the Month!

Rose Thrall - I have been a Core Club on and off for years. I decided to return wanting to add exercise to my weight loss, health and fitness journey. From the time I walked through the doors and saw Deb’s great smile, to personal training with Robin, it has been an...

Meet Our September Member of the Month!

Jesse Warren - When I returned to my hometown after five years studying and living in New York, one of my top priorities was finding a new gym. Not only is health and wellness important to me, but my time in the city had earned me my personal training certification in...

Meet Our August Member of the Month!

Olivia Tawa - Since my first class back in March of 2012, I knew that Core Club and 24/7 gym was going to be my favorite place to be. In the beginning, I took classes with Janice and Deb until I discovered lifting and how important it is to stay healthy. By the...

Meet Our July Member of the Month!

Sherry Whiles - I have been coming to the gym at least 4 days a week since I joined a year and half ago. At Core Club I have met a lot of great people who are there for the same reason, and we all cheer each other on. With this support system, and clean eating, I have...

Meet Our June Member of the Month!

Lisa Conant - If you had told me 4 years ago that I would be teaching group fitness, I would have never believed it. I was a runner but joined a gym to work on strength and stability. I was terrified of group classes but finally talked myself into trying BODYPUMP. 3...

Meet Our May Member of the Month

John Cocco - On Aug 1 2018, I was about to turn 58 years old, and starting to think about retirement. But on that date, I weighed 257 lbs and couldn’t do a push up. I also had just started to take high blood pressure pills and I assumed that it would just a matter of...


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