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Core Club 24/7 Gym has so much more to offer than just weights.

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Core Club & 24/7 Gym was founded in 2011 with a vision to provide health and fitness to everyone in the community.

Meet Our August Member of the Month!

Olivia Tawa - Since my first class back in March of 2012, I knew that Core Club and 24/7 gym was going to be my favorite place to be. In the beginning, I took classes with Janice and Deb until I discovered lifting and how important it is to stay healthy. By the...

Meet Our July Member of the Month!

Sherry Whiles - I have been coming to the gym at least 4 days a week since I joined a year and half ago. At Core Club I have met a lot of great people who are there for the same reason, and we all cheer each other on. With this support system, and clean eating, I have...

Meet Our June Member of the Month!

Lisa Conant - If you had told me 4 years ago that I would be teaching group fitness, I would have never believed it. I was a runner but joined a gym to work on strength and stability. I was terrified of group classes but finally talked myself into trying BODYPUMP. 3...

Meet Our May Member of the Month

John Cocco - On Aug 1 2018, I was about to turn 58 years old, and starting to think about retirement. But on that date, I weighed 257 lbs and couldn’t do a push up. I also had just started to take high blood pressure pills and I assumed that it would just a matter of...

Meet Our April Employee of the Month

Kristie Balisciano - I am not just a Zumba instructor at Core Club, but I am an active participant in all things Core!  From weight classes to drums alive to "Deb's personal challenges", I have made strides far beyond what I ever expected, and it is due to the...

Meet Our March Member of the Month

Joe Belrose - I’ve been coming to the Core Club for almost 5 years now and a lot has changed in that time. The gym itself has nearly doubled in size and offers so much more than was available just a few years ago. I think the additional workout space and equipment...

Meet Our December Members of the Month

Kelly Munro & Debbie Huscher - We met at a 5:30AM Core Club class.  Although we knew each other before we discovered our desire to do more for ourselves.  As working mothers we take care of everyone’s needs – with us coming in last.  We both wanted to do something...


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