Jesse Warren –

When I returned to my hometown after five years studying and living in New York, one of my top priorities was finding a new gym. Not only is health and wellness important to me, but my time in the city had earned me my personal training certification in addition to my Bachelor’s Degree. I approached Deb about working for her, and in no time was warmly welcomed into the Core Club community.

In my few short months here, I have had the opportunity to work with some amazing members of the local community, and have also had the chance to hone my skills both as a trainer and, once I obtain my Master’s Degree, as a sports medicine practitioner. In so doing, I have learned more about how best to take care of my own body. Specifically, I have taken the rehabilitation-centric approach I use for my clients and have applied it to myself. As a result, my niggling rotator cuff and lower back pain have evaporated.

I will miss Core Club dearly as I return to New York to complete my education. I look forward to visiting you all again during the winter and summer!